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Welcome to our brand new site, we hope you like it, we do!!! Where to start?? So much has happened the last few years and what can you say about 2020? We ended up with a fantastic year although getting materials, appliances etc. can be spotty. 2021 is starting out on fire! We are getting everything up and going as quickly as possible, the cold snap put us behind a couple weeks but spring is around the corner. Everything is selling way before we can get completed so don’t hesitant. We’ll have several new builds for mid to late summer completion online soon.
The exciting news… we have procured nearly 90 acres in Lafayette which we are hoping to break ground this spring. Lots will be approx 3/4 -1+ acres. Lots of wooded/partially wooded lots available with homes starting at approx. $350K. We look forward to putting this pandemic behinds and hope for the best for all the folks who have suffered. We have been lucky here in our area, we’ve been able to live normal lives!! Safe safe, stay healthy…Dennis


Wow long time gone! It’s been busy the past couple years and it’s crazy right now. The market is very strong and I’m really feeling bad for buyers. The inventory is very low and anything coming on the market for a good price sells, quick and lots of times for over asking price! We have had a hard time getting any standing inventory be it lots or new homes, but alas we are pushing forward and now have approx. 35 lots coming available by summer’s end. We also have approx. 23 lots to be developed this fall in Wissota Winds Estates.  South Wind LLC Developers has also purchased another 49 acres in Lake Hallie to add to our current 29 acre piece known as South Winds East. This entire parcel will now be renamed and will include nearly 90 lots with approx. 35 wooded/ partially wooded lots. We hope to start (4)- new homes on this parcel yet this year!  Of course with the high demand and low inventory prices are up on lots and new homes. We try to keep prices as affordable as possible, but it seems like most folks want the upgrades! I’m trying to price our homes still under construction with standard amenities and will now have a “options” price list. It’s like a al carte menu. We don’t do any “custom” building but will work with buyers on homes under construction. We are ramping up production and hope to have several news homes available at all times. Rates are still great, the job market is great and wages are sure to rise so it’s this a great time to buy. Have a save 4th and great summer.
Thanks – Dennis Lyberg


Wow! It’s been a year since I last used the blog. It was another great year but also a very trying year. The super late spring and then all the rain thru June threw our schedules off by 2 months. We were able to wrap up everything we needed to close by Nov. 1st and then get some foundations in and flatwork completed before the cold weather, just in time! It’s was a long cold winter and we are still playing catch up. We were not able to get the number of homes completed by now that I would have liked! It’s supposed to be spring but certainly doesn’t feel like it and the forecast for up to 8″ of snow doesn’t look good. We do have several homes under construction and should have a nice variety for early summer. We did get a new street installed in Prairie Winds and now have 18 lots ready for your new home. Prices continue to move, mostly up- siding, shingles, windows, sheetrock, concrete but at least lumber has dropped from last fall. We try to buy materials when they are on sale and do everything we can to keep prices down but they are on an upward trend. It’s still a great time to buy with great rates and reasonable prices. If our economy does get any better we’ll see everything go up and land prices may move the most as the lots on market are dwindling. Hope everyone has a great summer!!


Well it’s turned out to be a long, long winter and is finally turning around starting today but still some cold mornings. Hayward has approx. 16” of fresh snow. I’m tempted to run up and spend the day snowmobiling on April 24!! The weather is really setting everyone back and bunching everything up! We’ll be swamped putting foundations in until at least the end of June with at least 8 to start on as soon as road bans are off!! We’ll have a couple new bi-levels completed by late July or early August. They will be starting at $160K for a 2 bdrm, 2 bath w/ 1231 sq. ft. & 3 car. Material prices have not come down and there’s still some increases coming up, some of our existing inventory is worth $5K more just because of all the price increases since early last fall. It’s now a seller’s market as inventories have really shrunk and most everything is selling. The great rates and our solid area still make this a great time to buy. Rates are sure to go up, but when???
Have a great, safe Summer!!!     
Dennis Lyberg


Well we’ve had another great year and are just finishing up our outside work as it looks like winter and freezing temps are here to stay. We’ve got 8 new homes in various stages that will be available. We were able to buy some materials ahead but will have to eat as much of the price increases as possible to bring out the most affordable homes in the area. Why buy half a duplex when you can have a whole home plus lot for the same price? The biggest set back are all the price increases, lumber has really taken a jump in part because of Hurricane Sandy but now we’re seeing increases in sheetrock, windows pretty much everything. If the economy starts moving along you can bet there will be even more increases. My gut feeling is by May prices will be back down as I believe things will slow down even more! Rates continue to be great so don’t let the price increases hold you back. Have a great Holiday Season!
Dennis Lyberg


It has been another great busy year and we are in the process of getting some foundations in for winter work! We need to get septic’s in and power hooked up to all new jobs in order to have ready for early spring completion. We have quite a variety of homes coming up from a 1882 sq. ft. ranch to several bi-levels priced from 158K- $205K with a total of 9 new homes available by late spring! Rates! Rates ! Rates! Wow near 3.25% for 30 years!! It just keeps on getting better and next year looks to be stable. The only burp we’ve had so far is a rise in lumber prices but we’ve so far managed to buy ahead and on sale to keep prices low. It is quite possible our new homes for this spring may be the most affordable homes ever available. It is really getting to the point where you can own for a bit more than rent! Call w/ any questions on any of our new or used homes.
Dennis Lyberg


It has been a slower than normal spring, even with the early warm up! People have been looking but seems that the most sales are falling in the $120,000 market and under. Rates have crept up because of all the refi’s, and they will hopefully drop back down soon. Prices are also on the rise and will continue going up if gas prices keep rising. We have a great inventory and all homes were built pre-increase and we have bought ahead to beat the price increases. Now may be the best time in the past year or two, to buy as I expect interest rates to fall back to their lows and our homes are already priced at last years costs! We seem to lag behind the nation and I’m afraid as things sound like they’re picking up we’ll get caught in the price increases, lower inventories and rate hikes starting in 2013, but I’ve give up on guessing.
Dennis Lyberg


Wow! Not much of a winter yet, this is what I get for buying a snowmobile! It has been great for working and we have 3 more homes up, 2 more complete and getting ready to start a couple more. We’ll soon have around 7 or 8 homes available and complete by early spring- THIS IS VERY important as material prices are rising and you can beat the increases by purchasing one of these new homes. Concrete, flooring, shingles etc. are all expected to rise in the next couple months. Rates today are 3.85% for 30 years the lowest we’ve seen!! Remember all new homes are rough graded just throw in some seed ,plant trees of your choice and a couple shrubs and your all set. You don’t have to worry about replacing windows, or a roof, or furnace or, well you get the picture. If you buy an older home you’ll be constantly updating, so buy New and support your local economy!!
Thanks – Dennis Lyberg


First of all Thanks to everyone, our customers, subs and employees that made 2011 such a great year. This has been a top 5 year for new homes and also for Concrete walls and flatwork!!

2012 looks to be very good also as lots of showings happening, while normally it’s quiet this time of year. We only have one completed home to tour right now with another in about a month and some new starts happening right now.

We were very busy (buried) this fall and didn’t respond to lots of people looking to get in the market and I’m very sorry but I’m hoping to keep my site updated more and you should be able to follow the site and watch for new starts.
Thanks – Dennis

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